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Home bar. Wet bar. Bar cabinets.
When you are ready for help designing your home bar, Crown Point Cabinetry can custom design and build cabinetry to fit your needs and budget! Whether your bar design includes a full bar, or built-in bar cabinetry, or perhaps a home mini bar, we will handcraft your custom cabinets with the same care and precision given to all our cabinetry!

The design of your home bar requires some thought be given as to how you intend use your new social space.

General items to consider:

  • Will you be entertaining a few close friends, or larger gatherings?
  • Do you want a sink in your design? It’s great for helping at cleanup time, washing glassware, etc. There must be a way to get water to, and drainage from, the cabinet area.
  • Along the same line of thought, perhaps a dishwasher, or dishwasher drawers. Remember to think about the space for the dishwasher door to be opened, about 22″, not including any space to walk around. A walkway will add at least 18″ to that dimension.
  • What type of refrigeration will you need? An undercounter fridge for bottled beer? A separate chiller for wine? A full draft beer system?
  • Remember the ice! Will you bring in ice from a different location via an ice bucket, or will there be an undercounter ice maker?
  • Give some thought as to your bottle display. Will they be stored in cabinets, or on open shelving? Browse through our image gallery below for different ideas.
  • What does your glassware collection include? (A fully stocked professional bar can have at least 14 different glass types!)
  • Will your bar include a television? Music?
  • What will you need for bar tools, and storage thereof? Possibles include corkscrews, bottle openers, electric blender, measuring spoons, shaker/strainer, juice squeezer, pitchers, ice bucket/tongs, cutting board and knife.

A few layout points to consider for your home bar:

  • The usual height for a bar is 42″ and is 24″ deep. However, Crown Point can custom make your bar cabinetry to fit your needs exactly!
  • Bar stool height is generally 30″ tall.
  • Your home bar design can be any shape that works for you: A straight run, an “L”, U-shape or even integrate an island. Our gallery below has some great ideas!
  • The amount of storage necessary really depends on how extensively you wish to stock your bar: Bottles, glassware, condiments, bar tools, cleaning products and also any items you wish to display! (If you want that moose head, you’ll have to talk to the wife)

Scan the gallery below for a few examples of handsome bar designs we have made for clients.

More choices in custom cabinetry
We also offer cabinets custom designed for your home office, or  that can take advantage of that “free” space in a wall, and special pantry designs. And of course, custom kitchens!

Contact us today to discuss your custom cabinetry needs!

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March 30 Update:

Crown Point Cabinetry has been deemed an essential business by the Governor of New Hampshire. As such, we are in business, crafting cabinetry and taking on new orders. While we continue to operate, we are taking all necessary precautions to keep our entire team safe. In order to limit face-to-face interactions, our showroom is not open to visitors until May 4th, 2020. In the meantime, see our virtual shop tour here.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please give us a call. We are here to help!

Custom built in media center by Crown Point Cabinetry
Custom handcrafted closet cabinetry by Crown Point Cabinetry
Custom master bath cabinetry by Crown Point Cabinetry
Custom home office desk cabinetry by Crown Point Cabinetry
Custom two level island handcrafted by Crown Point Cabinetry
Slide out laundry hamper custom built by Crown Point Cabinetry
Custom pantry cabinet handcrafted by Crown Point Cabinetry

Example of typical room for measuring